Water is essential for your health, but is all water the same?

The answer to this question is – no!  Whilst we live in a country that is blessed with water that is free from pollution and disease, the water that comes out of our tap does have impurities that can be harmful to our health.  Some local government areas have recorded over 2,000 different chemicals in their tap water!

Why are there so many chemicals in our water?

Water has an amazing ability to pick up and transport substances it comes in contact with.  Every day we make contact with pollution in the air and soil, chemicals from every day cleaning, waste products, body lotions and other products.  These all accumulate and are readily absorbed by water.  As water is always on a downward course, it will pick up everything on its journey through our taps and then into our bodies.

What chemicals can be found in our water? 

  • Pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers which run off the land during rain and into our underground water. This water then becomes our drinking water.
  • Waste from medications, soaps, hormones and beauty products are all found in tap water. Many of these substances are carcinogenic if ingested.
  • Inorganic minerals that are helpful to plants, but are toxic to the human body.
  • Chlorine – chlorine has been added to our water to kill bacteria. Although this is beneficial to community health, it is also important to recognize that chlorine can also have several negative health implications. These include:
    1. Micro-organisms that are killed by chlorine remain in the water.
    2. When chlorine combines with certain organic substances it produces a by- product that is carcinogenic.
    3. Chlorine cannot distinguish between good and harmful micro-organisms. Therefore, our good natural bodily micro-organisms are destroyed by drinking chlorinated water.
    4. Chlorine destroys the vital nutrients Vitamins A, B, C and E and fatty acids which are needed for good health.
    5. Chlorine has a bitter taste which can deter people from drinking it.
    6. Many European countries have abandoned chlorination of water in favour of oxidation.


Water that contains toxins dumps its toxic matter into our bodies.  When water is pure however, it is able to extract many toxins from the body by transporting them out.  That is why filtering our water is so important. By eliminating toxins, the body can function the way it was designed to.

Pure natural, filtered water is a fundamental part of the health of your body.  Its health benefits include:

  • body detoxification
  • improved body hydration
  • increased energy
  • improved cellular health and repair
  • improved digestion of food
  • clearing of skin conditions
  • reduction in the appearance of wrinkles and aging

At ATUNE we value optimal health and recognise that adequate hydration is a vital part of our everyday health plan.  We can recommend water filters to support your health goals, and would be happy to assist you to choose a model that suits your needs.


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