Philip Maxwell - ATUNE Health Centres - Osteopath

Philip has been fortunate to have had a long career in osteopathy, most recently running a multi- disciplinary clinic in Adamstown called Back to Balance.

However, it felt like time for a new chapter and Philip has joined the team at ATUNE where he can continue to enjoy osteopathy without all the administration!

Philip is passionate about helping people come to a better, more connected relationship with their bodies. He believes that this is fundamental to true health and wholeness.

When the body’s own repair processes are overwhelmed or blocked in some way, osteopathy is a wonderful resource to shift the blocks and reboot the system. Coming to a new place of balance can both enable and motivate us to maintain a better level of functioning, whether through exercise, lifestyle change or maybe bigger life choices.

From experience Philip knows that when we can restore this balance at a physical level, this will often be reflected in so many other aspects of our lives.

Philip enjoys being active, loves going out in Nature - whether beach or bush, and is looking forward to spending more time enjoying his art and hanging out with his new grandson.