Perry McIntyre  - ATUNE Health Centres  - Physiotherapist Intern


Early Years

Perry grew up locally in the Lake Macquarie region, commencing his Physiotherapy studies. After taking interest in Physiotherapy from his early high school years, Perry began working at ATUNE Health Centres in 2016 as a part time job throughout high school. After gaining an offer to study at the University of Newcastle after his HSC studies in 2019, Perry began as a Physiotherapy intern at ATUNE whilst also implementing his studies and skills as a sports trainer for Lake Macquarie City NPL football club.


Along with his full-time university schedule, Perry enjoys being able to apply his studies throughout his sports trainer work. He is grateful to work in a clinic that supports his studies, where weekly tutorials with ATUNE’s health professionals allow his Physiotherapy skills and knowledge base of the health industry to expand exponentially.

Future Aspirations

Perry aspires to achieve highly in his studies as he becomes a capable and reliable clinician with the ability to best help serve his future clients. He not only loves the private practice environment but also enjoys providing assistance on the sporting field when working offsite. He desires to become the best clinician he can be as he absorbs knowledge and skills from a wide variety of environments throughout his internship. Perry is eager to learn, loves a good challenge and looks forward to his future with ATUNE and as a practising Physiotherapist.

Personal Life

Outside the clinic, Perry loves all things music and sport. Specifically, he loves to watch NBA and plays basketball competitively throughout the week. One of the reasons he loves Physiotherapy is because of the social aspect of the occupation, and as a result, music and sport are also significant parts of his life as they bring people together.