Katie Harvision - ATUNE Health Centres - Naturopath

Early Years

Katie grew up in the Lake Macquarie region. She completed a Bachelor of Development Studies at Newcastle University and worked in various community organisations both locally and with Indigenous communities in the NT. Following some personal health challenges, she enthusiastically retrained as an Herbalist, graduating in 2014.


During Katies studies she began creating topical herbal remedies, and found customers loved her products at local health food stores and markets. She continues to create Twig Botanicals organic herbal skin care, selling in stores nationally, and online, with customers around the world.

Future Aspirations

After joining ATUNE in the Herbal Dispensary in 2022, providing short consults for acute care, Katie is now also offering full consultations as a Naturopathic Herbalist.

Katie sees clients for a range of health conditions, including stress and anxiety, fatigue, digestive issues, chronic illness, preventative care, supporting depleted mothers and more.

Katie's treatments include herbal medicines, nutritional supplements, dietary and lifestyle advice to support healing. She is passionate about helping clients and their families prioritise wellness through simple natural remedies and positive habits to create a life of good health and vitality.

As a passionate learner, Katie will continue to increase her knowledge about evidence-based complementary medicine, and to grow her practice by providing caring naturopathic support and herbal therapies while continuing to produce natural, herbal skincare.

Personal Life

Katie always has a new creative project on the go, and loves to fill her time with family adventures, camping, and being outdoors.