Kathryn Dodds - ATUNE Health Centres  - Clinical Nutritionist

B.HSc NutDMed, AdvDip.NutMed

Kathryn Dodds is a Clinical Nutritionist who has a holistic approach to helping her clients reach their health goals. Kathryn is passionate about weight management, healthy weight loss, or weight gain, but also enjoys supporting the management and recovery of a wide range of health conditions.

Kathryn has an individualised and evidence-based approach to her treatment plans. She takes into consideration the client’s unique set of circumstances including health history, dietary history, and lifestyle practices. Instead of fad diets and quick fixes, Kathryn aims to identify and treat the underlying causes of health issues. This helps to equip and empower clients towards long-term change. Kathryn supports her clients’ individual health needs through specific dietary, lifestyle, and supplemental interventions.

When she is not in the clinic, Kathryn loves to spend time with her husband, family, and friends. Outdoor activities such as swimming, surfing or kitesurfing are among some of Kathryn's favourites. She also loves visiting waterfalls and coastal towns.

Kathryn holds a Bachelor Degree of Health Science: Nutritional and Dietetic Medicine from Endeavour College of Natural Health in Sydney, and an Advanced Diploma of Nutritional Medicine from the Australian Institute of Applied Sciences (AIAS).

She is a practising member of the Australian Natural Therapies Association (ANTA) and can see clients who are self-funded or who have Nutrition covered in their Private Health Fund.