Dr. Susannah Ward - ATUNE Health Centres  - Physician

B Med Sci(Hons) MBBS(Hons) FAFRM(RACP) RYT200

Dr. Susannah Ward is a specialist trained in rehabilitation medicine.

Her focus is on holistic health, lifestyle, and wellness. Susannah is trained to assess medical, physical, functional, psychological, and social health. She has an empathetic, and non-judgemental approach and will ensure that, together, you develop a personalized rehabilitation plan based upon your needs and issues.

Dr. Ward will work with your health care team collaboratively, maintaining open and constructive communication, her goal is to optimise your wellbeing and rehabilitation.

Susannah sees her role as supporting, motivating, and educating her clients along their wellness journey, teaching self-care skills, such as yoga and mindfulness.

With a medical referral, you are eligible for a Medicare rebate. Please refer to the ATUNE website for details on fees, the process, and what to expect.

What you need to know

Whatever we discuss is confidential and will only be shared amongst your treating team if requested by you.  My recommendations are not obligatory.  You are welcome to follow some, none, or all of my suggestions.  Your healthy journey is up to you.  I am a support person, health expert and guide.

I have your best interest at heart and believe in you.  I know a healthy and balanced lifestyle along with some human mastery, knowledge and skills breeds a sense of wellness.  But meaningful change takes time, effort and often a team of supports.  Whilst I will guide, cheerlead and support you, ultimately it is up to you to do the work and allow the shifts to happen.

Diagnosis and treatment is not my focus. Our time together will be spent managing illness, disability, optimising function and getting to know your holistic health needs on a physical, psychological, social and spiritual level.  I will liaise with your GP and refer onwards for diagnosis of any new or unexplained concerning symptomology.

I am not big on prescribing medications but will suggest to your GP any modifications I see as important to your wellbeing.  I am very big on prescribing wellness practices and lifestyle changes that align with your values, priorities and goals.  Expect to be prescribed daily walks, pleasurable activities and mindfulness J

What I offer

Comprehensive rehabilitation, wellness & lifestyle reviews

Follow-up & revision of care plans

Case conferencing & care coordination

Family meetings & carer education

Telehealth & home visits

Who do I see?

I see anyone keen to prevent illness and optimise their lifestyle, health, function and wellbeing.  I work with people motivated to improve their sense of wellness and wellbeing.  I see people following diagnosis looking for a holistic and supported approach to achieve their health goals and optimise their function, participation, health and wellbeing.

What is rehabilitation medicine?

  • Helping people to achieve their optimal level of functioning, independence and meaningful participation in society.
  • Minimising and preventing health issues that may limit a person.
  • Assisting people to achieve their health goals by establishing and continuously evaluating short, medium, and long-term SMART goals.
  • Using a multidisciplinary, collaborative, evidence-based, patient-centred and holistic approach to caring for a person’s health.
  • Considering the complete person including medical, psychological, environmental, social, vocational, avocational health and functional status.
  • Measuring and improving function.
  • Coordinating care and using case conferencing with treating team when able to integrate, coordinate and monitor progress.
  • Educating patients and advocating for their health needs.
  • Assisting people (including those with loss of function, activity limitation and participation restriction) to attain their highest possible level of independence (physically, psychologically, socially and economically).
  • A rehabilitation process supports and empowers a person to take meaningful action on health issues and complete their health goals.
What to Expect at Your First Consultation
  • Once you have submitted your consent form and online information you will be provided with the next available appointment.  If this date and time does not suit you please contact ATUNE.
  • Your initial consultation will take approximately 45-60 minutes. Please arrive 10 minutes beforehand.  Appointments are time limited so late attendances will reduce the time for review.
  • The assessment is collaborative and may involve: further questions/discussion; physical examination and tests; clarification and setting of your goals; and creation of your rehabilitation plan.
  • During the assessment, you will be taught and practice relevant wellness skills like mindfulness and relaxation techniques.
  • Where relevant you will be provided with some take home resources and practices for use at your discretion.
  • Following the assessment you will receive a follow-up call to track your progress.
Consultations Fees
  • Initial consultation - $360. With a medical referral, you are eligible to claim a $231.35 rebate from Medicare.
  • Standard follow-up (20-30mins)- $185. With a medical referral, you are eligible to claim a $115.85 rebate from Medicare.