Dr Gillian Evans - ATUNE Health Centres  - Over 55s General Practitioner

B.MedSc/D.Med (UON), M.PsychMed (UNSW)

Dr Gillian Evans graduated in Medicine at the University of Newcastle Medical School in 1986. Gillian has enjoyed a long and varied Medical Career. After initially serving in the Public Hospital System till her late 20’s, Gillian embarked on specialising as a General Practitioner and enjoying the whole spectrum of Family Medicine.

In her late 30’s Gillian completed her Masters’ Degree in Psychological Medicine through UNSW.  This was in direct response to her desire to better serve her complex patients’ needs.  Gillian recognised that much of our human suffering is an intricate interplay of our unique individual biological, psychological, sociological and spiritual experiences.

In the year 2000, Gillian took her skills back to the Public Hospital System and implemented her own clinical research group therapy intervention called “Dealing with Anxiety”. The results were published in the International Journal of Diabetes Mellitus in 2010.  Following her love of research, Gillian jumped at the opportunity to become the Clinical Trials Sub Investigator at Hunter Diabetes from 2018 to 2020.

Gillian’s broad experience in Transitional Care in Geriatrics, Developmental Disabilities at Stockton Centre and in Palliative Care at the Mater Hospice, deepened her love of working with the most vulnerable members of our community. Sadly, the opportunity for full and equal access to holistic integrated health care is virtually non-existent, due to the reality of financial constraints in our publicly funded health care system.

Gillian has always enjoyed working with people living Complex Health Needs and has now decided to focus on providing her specialised skill set to our older age group of “Baby Boomers” generally born between 1946 to 1964.

In addition to these professional qualifications and experiences, Gillian brings a lived experience of the long and arduous journey back to living her best life after a devastating, life threatening stroke at age 28 years left her paralysed and unable to speak. Gillian also has learnt to live well with other chronic health conditions so knows what it’s like to wear a patient hat!

Gillian’s other passions are Ocean Swimming, cycling, ParkRun, reading, listening to audio-books, gardening ,bush-walking, generally contemplating life and spending time with friends and family.