Camila Skaf - ATUNE Health Centres  - Food Farmacy Founder

Camila is the founder of Food Farmacy. Her vision for Food Farmacy is for it to be a wellness hub. At the Atune Health Centre and support behavioural change and wellbeing strategies to everyone.

She is a plant-based chef and wellness consultant, but there is more to it. She has studied and been trained in multiple disciplines, like Business Administration and Lifestyle Medicine. As an natural activator, she has a passion to empower people to live their best life and to promote community sustainable wellbeing.

After achieving corporate success in the financial markets for over ten years, in São Paulo and New York City, and then traveling around the world participating in various volunteer programs, she ended up in Australia to co-found SEEDS Newcastle, a lifestyle medicine health promotion charity.

She has been highly involved to promote wellness to our community and as part her mission to support whole-person-health to everyone around her.