Supplementing with vitamins and minerals, or herbal medicines, can make the world of difference to our wellbeing, addressing serious nutritional deficiencies, boosting our immunity or addressing any number of other health concerns.

And with the abundance of off the shelf supplements available today it is so easy to do!

However not all supplements are created equal.

At the ATUNE Herbal dispensary we believe it is important to check in with your
practitioner or a local naturopathic dispensary to ensure you are taking the most suitable and
effective supplements. A practitioner will consider your health, medications, lifestyle and diet to
determine what’s necessary for you.


A few things to consider :

Is it necessary?

It is so easy to self prescribe supplements, and pick up a bottle of this or that to ‘try’
while you do your weekly shop. However, for most healthy individuals it is possible to consume many of the vitamins and minerals your body requires through diet and lifestyle alone. Self prescribing may not only be a waste of money but could be doing harm if dosages and interactions are not considered.


Is it safe? 

Fortunately Australia has some of the most stringent approval processes for supplements, so it is likely that any supplements brought off the shelf are safe for consumption. Things are quite different when shopping online. Supplements available online may not meet the TGAs strict standards, so the quality and safety of those products may be questionable.

If produced internationally, these products could even include additives like colours or
preservatives that are banned for use in Australia.

It is also important to note that like all medications, vitamins and supplements can have side effects and can interact with other medicines or supplements.


Is it effective?

Off the shelf supplements, while cheap, often do not offer the level of necessary active constituents to see benefit. It is important to ensure that supplements have the most suitable levels of active constituents and appropriate bioavailability to provide the results you are after.

At the ATUNE Herbal Dispensary we use only products from companies that our naturopaths know and trust.

All of our products are TGA approved, we know that they contain the amounts of active constituents that they claim to, are rigorously tested, and contain no added nasties. While practitioner products can be more expensive at first glance, we know you are actually getting what you are paying for. And that is worth a lot!

As qualified practitioners we have done the hard work for you. We know our supplements are effective, are safe and as we check against your needs we know they are right
for you.

-          Drop in to see a local Newcastle naturopath for a free mini consult to review your supplements, or to find a quality supplement to support your health.


Photo by The Tonik on Unsplash.

Article written by Katie Harvision.