Best Life Birth

Pregnancy, Birth and Midwife services for Newcastle, Lake Macquarie and the Hunter Region

We appreciate that pregnancy birth and early parenting is an incredibly special and challenging time. At Best Life Birth we offer pregnancy, birth and midwife services for clients in Newcastle, Lake Macquarie and the Hunter Region.

Whether you are experiencing your first pregnancy or perhaps you’re a child or two ahead - there is a great deal to consider as the dynamics of your family grow and change and you seek to make choices regarding this amazing transition.

At Best Life Birth we are confident that you are well placed to make good choices for your family. Our midwives, having worked for more than 10 years in the region in a variety of settings, are sure that we can help you negotiate some of the complexities of the healthcare system with respect to pregnancy and birth care whilst assisting you to work out some of your own preferences.

Best Life Birth’s partnership with ATUNE Health Centres and our focus on holistic healthcare is one of the unique ingredients to our care and sets us apart from many other services. We believe that a focus on your whole health – mind, body and spirit - as well as promoting and modelling healthy lifestyle choices is a key to building a strong foundation for growing a healthy family.

At Best Life Birth we hope to ENGAGE with you in your journey, EQUIP you with skills and questions for negotiating pregnancy, birth and early parenting and EMPOWER you in the knowledge you have gained along the way and help you to apply it.



Building healthy and resilient families is an important and significant part of community life. The journey toward pregnancy, birth and early parenting is the first and pivotal step in building such families.

This service is convinced that having a positive and supported pregnancy, birth and early parenting journey places parents in a great position to have the best start in this new chapter in life for themselves and their children. This service is dedicated to supporting and journeying with families as they seek to realise their potential in this endeavour.
More than that - this service understands that life is both simple and complex. Simple, in that the body is brilliantly designed to do the work of growing and birthing and nourishing a healthy baby. Complex, in the way that everybody is different!

In this way, we aim to offer a service that meets the individual needs of each family while remembering that this is a normal physical, emotional and psychological journey that needs to be supported rather than managed.

With Best Life Birth we envisage a pregnancy, birth and early parenting support service which aims to:

  • Engage parents and families in an environment which supports a holistic view of health and wellness
  • Equip parents and families with evidence-based tools and knowledge related to pregnancy, birth and early parenting
  • Empower families to make confident, informed and sustainable choices about their pregnancy, birth and early parenting journey
Our Services


  • Initial consultation (fully rebated by Medicare)
  • Continuity of midwifery care (known midwife)
  • Pregnancy, birth and 6 weeks postnatal support
  • Antenatal shared care
  • Support for birth at home or in hospital
  • 24hr access to support and advice
  • Breastfeeding support
  • Medicare rebates for related pregnancy and postnatal services
  • Birth and parenting education
  • Engaged fatherhood support/mentoring
  • Access to streamlined referral and integrated allied health support from our partners at ATUNE Health Centres including Osteopathy (including pregnancy and paediatric care), Physiotherapy, Psychology, Dietitians, Breathing and sleep therapy, Naturopathy, Behavioural Support Consultant, Massage Therapy and GP Services
About Us


Daniel Evans is a midwife of more than 10 years’ experience (particularly in the areas of ‘low risk’ midwifery and Midwifery Group Practice). He works and lives in the Hunter/Newcastle area.

He has recently gained notation as a Medicare Eligible Midwife and is an Endorsed (AHPRA) Midwife Prescriber. Daniel has been privileged to work for most of his career in the public health arena but has recently launched his first private midwifery practice - Best Life Birth Pty Ltd.

He is actively engaged in education (fatherhood, midwifery, birth and parenting education). Best of all, he is a husband and a father of three!

Daniel is the founder and managing director of Best Life Birth and is passionate about equipping families to get off to the very best start in life.

Daniel is supported by a small team of midwives to see you through this amazing journey.

Fees and Rebates


Initial Pregnancy Consultation is around $45* and the full amount is rebated by Medicare. This can occur at any time in your pregnancy but is best early in your pregnancy journey.

Our fee structure is similar to that of a GP practice. Fees vary depending on the service you require and your personal circumstances. For example, some Medicare rebates are available for antenatal and postnatal visits (if a collaborative arrangement is in place with an obstetrician or GP obstetrician).

Some of our midwives are ‘Medicare Eligible’. In this way, pregnancy and postnatal visits with an eligible midwife will attract a Medicare rebate. Birth care in a hospital where your midwife has a specific arrangement for providing and coordinating your birth care will also attract a Medicare rebate. The exact rebate amount will vary depending on the amount you have reached in your Medicare Safety Net, the length of the visit and whether it is at our centre or in your home.

A typical visit is between 40 minutes and 1 hour, and cost around $120. Medicare will cover from $15.50* to $96.20*.

Following our initial consultation, we will develop an individualised payment plan for you. In this way, you may consider our service and fees prior to confirming a booking with Best Life Birth.

Please note:
Some private health funds give rebates for midwives too. Check with your private health fund as rebates may differ for your individual cover.

*Specific rebate amount may vary as adjustments are made from time to time at the discretion of the Australian Federal Government.

Our Practitioners