Herbs have been used throughout history to effectively support health. Using herbal extracts is a wonderful way to be able to customise treatment for a client’s exact symptom profile. An Herbalist or Naturopath can target exactly what is required to promote optimal health. In this way each tonic can be as individual as you are.

Some reasons to love herbs!

Whole Plant Medicine

Did you know many medications available today have their roots in herbal medicine and are derived from compounds first identified in herbs or plants? Aspirin is derived from the main constituent of willow bark, Morphine from poppies, and the anti-malarial medication Artemisinin is derived from sweet wormwood.

While using isolated compounds like this provides the basis for western pharmaceuticals, herbal medicine uses the whole plant extract to support healing in multiple ways using the complex composition of individual herbs. As each herb is extracted in its entirety, the extract contains not only the most active constituent, but the whole host of active elements that make up the plant profile.

Customised Medicine

By using a combination of whole herb extracts, an herbalist can create a tonic to support healing on multiple levels. For example: rather than taking a cough mixture that simply suppresses coughing, an herbalist can create a mixture by determining what kind of cough it is, how long it has been present and any other symptoms (sinus involvement, fever, etc) combined with appropriate immune support to create a mix that encourages healing for what is happening in your body. Each of the herbs in a mix has a host of actions that work together to support good health.

Simply herbs

A herbal tonic is simply a mix of high-quality extracts of plants. No added anything! An herbal tonic can be a useful way to support anything from immunity to stress, sleep, or digestion. They are effective because of their concentrated extracts and specific dosages. However, to aid in restoring good health herbs can also be used in a whole host of other ways to create effective home remedies.

The Home Herbalist

Using herbs at home is easy and effective.
  • Try an herbal tea to soothe a sore throat – thyme, liquorice or honey are wonderful, or try the classic lemon, ginger and honey for any kind of cold.
  • An herbal bath of oat and chamomile can relieve the itch of rashes like eczema. Fill an old stocking sock with a cup of oats, tie and add to the bath, make a pot of chamomile tea, strain and add this to the bath. Soak and soothe your body!
  • A poultice of comfrey can provide wonderful relief and healing for breaks and sprains. Simply blend washed fresh comfrey leaves with a little water to make a paste, the apply to the injury. Cover with a gauze and bandage to keep it in place and change every few hours.


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Photo by Conscious Design on Unsplash