Dr. Emma Campbell - ATUNE Health Centres  - General Practitioner


Emma Campbell grew up in Sydney. She always knew she liked people
and wanted to help others in some way, and in late high school decided
to try to do it as a doctor. After a couple of years of studying Medical
Science in Sydney she was accepted to study medicine at Newcastle.
She loved it here and aside from a year or two away has been loving the
lifestyle here ever since!

Treatment and special interests:

Emma enjoys caring for people of all ages, and has a particular interest
in women's health, after working at Family Planning NSW Hunter for a
number of years earlier in her training.

She is also passionate about lifestyle medicine. Knowing that at least
70% of our health problems are related to lifestyle choices and an environment that promotes obesity, she loves empowering people to
make better choices and live longer, healthier, and happier lives. It has
been rewarding to see how the basics of appropriate nutrition,
adequate sunshine, good rest, stress management, regular activity and
so on have been so helpful for herself and her patients!

Emma also has an increasing interest in true biopsychosocial medicine.
She recognises that health is a journey and is a complex web of what
has happened to us, and what is going on in our lives, (as well as all the
things we do with our bodies, such as those in the paragraph above!).
There is strong evidence (from the 1930s to the present day) to show
that the way we think, and relate to ourselves, and the world around
us directly impacts not just our mental health but our physical
health as well. Much more of our health and wellbeing is amenable to
change than what has previously been appreciated by standard
Western medical training.

Furthering her knowledge:

In the last couple of years, Emma has become an Accredited Health and
Wellness Coach. She is also completing her final requirements to
become a Fellow of the Australasian Society of Lifestyle Medicine.
Emma is excited about starting new, evidence-based models of care at
ATUNE, including shared medical appointments, multidisciplinary case
conferences, and proven group-based lifestyle medicine interventions.

Personal life:

When not at ATUNE she works at a number of local private hospitals as
a surgical assistant and enjoys the company of her three teenage sons
and husband.

She loves to connect with good friends, eat real food, and does some
occasional gardening and reading. She is (almost!) always up for an