You may have heard that over 50 cough medicines containing pholcodine were recalled by the TGA last month due to real and serious health concerns.

At the ATUNE Herbal Dispensary, we can help with safe and effective alternatives. We will question you about the type of cough you are experiencing (dry, chesty, productive), what brought the cough on, and any other associated symptoms. We then check what other medications or supplements you are taking and can mix a herbal tonic to soothe your cough and support healing that is specific to you.

We will probably also suggest some teas and provide other advice to help get you back to health. A favourite tip is to use honey to relieve a cough- either in a warm herbal or lemon tea or simply off the spoon. Studies show honey helps relieve night-time coughing in kids (only for children over 1yr old) when taken before bed.

It is equally good for adults! The best option is good quality, local honey.

ATUNE Health’s Acute Herbal Dispensary is open 10am – 2pm, Monday – Thursday for free 10
minute consultations.