What do you think of when you think of exercise? At times, it seems that exercise is just used as a tool for weight loss, building muscle or as a punishment. This is just not true. If we look at exercise from another angle, we can see that it is some much more...

What are the benefits of exercise?

Exercise is therapeutic for your mind, hormones, organs, bone and muscle health. And if you are suffering from a chronic disease it can aid your recovery also.

Exercise is medicine, and as an Exercise Physiologist I live and breath this message. Even though this isn't the type of article that is telling you how to get 4 minute abs, I want to tell you the true value of using exercise to create a holistic approach to health, recovery and preventative health.

How much exercise should you do?

Movement is necessary to our health, but the question is how much exercise? What type of exercise? And what exercise is beneficial to your health? These questions I am asked by every client looking to improve their current health. To really know, you need to ask yourself where do you want to see your life in terms of health and physical activity. For example, lots of clients just want to be able to play in the back yard with their kids without pain or being physically exhausted. And some want to be able to run 20 kilometers. Now you know your goal, selecting the exercises from recovery, building strength and physical capacity are the next step in this your health plan.

I want to start exercising, what can I do to start to build up fitness?

Everyone's exercise program is going to be different because of goals, needs, injuries, current fitness levels and health status. And with all this information to absorb, if you don't know where to start, then just start going for a 30 minute walk a day. Just start their, stay consistent and just see where that takes you on your health journey, you will most likely be surprised.

Here are 7 benefits of exercise that might surprise you!

  1. A patient in completing cancer treatment and exercises has a increase in 70% survival rate.
  2. Helps regulate a healthy blood sugar level.
  3. Helps keep your veins clear of cholesterol build up.
  4. Increases lung function.
  5. Increase bone strength.
  6. Helps prevent cancer.
  7. Enhance emotional wellbeing.

What do I need to build a healthy lifestyle?

Exercise is not a magical cue by itself and does need to be in conjunction with a balanced diet, adequate water intake and mental wellbeing practices.

However, exercise can not be substituted for a pill or 4 minute abs programs. Exercise is a long term, consistent addition to your life to help sustain a healthy future for yourself.

Invest in your health today and you'll harvest the results in for years to come.