For most of us the greatest factor that will determine our health status over time is our habits. Not genetics but habits. The decisions we make every day conscious and unconscious more than anything else will determine how healthy we are and how well we will age.

We are all creatures of habit, but the question is what are those habits? What we do or fail to do day in day out, year in year out will produce our final health results.

If we live the average Australian lifestyle than we will get the average Australian health results. That is, we will be at a high risk of developing what are known as chronic or lifestyle diseases. These are well known to us all - Diabetes type II, obesity, heart disease, stroke, certain cancers, sleep disordered breathing conditions like snoring and Obstructive Sleep Apnoea; the list goes on.

For many of us it is sadly the case that we spend our health trying to gain our wealth and then have to use that wealth in an often futile attempt to regain our health.

We must accept the fact that if we want to live disease free and simply reach our use by date in a healthy condition enjoying long term quality of life than we must live differently to the average Australian. We must adopt healthy habits for a lifetime.

This is not always easy in modern life, and it is a wise choice to seek professional assistance when