You probably think it’s your lack of fitness right?

Have you tried to improve your fitness but quickly become breathless and your heart races?

You are not alone. The reality is that this is an experience common to many. Why is this so? The answer is often simple but usually overlooked. The reality is many people experiencing these problems are doing so not because they are unfit but because they have an undiagnosed breathing disorder - that’s right a breathing disorder.

Many people un-knowingly breathe incorrectly suffering symptoms like breathlessness, elevated heart rate, fatigue and more. Breathing disorders are common in males and females of all ages. Furthermore, if a disorder is present it can progress as the person ages usually leading to an increase in the severity and types of symptoms experienced.

The usual outcome of this is an increasing reliance upon medications over time as the breathing disorder worsens. This is often coupled with a reduction in physical activity levels as the person experiences more and more difficulty breathing when trying to move. This provides little prospect for any improvement in quality of life as the person is caught in the cycle of increasing breathing difficulty and less and less activity.

The only way to break this cycle is to have the underlying breathing disorder diagnosed and corrected.

So, if you struggle to get up a set of stairs or experience breathlessness too often then make a wise
choice and have your breathing assessed without delay.