Do you suffer from Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease?

The number of Australians suffering from chronic lung damage is on the rise. The causes of COPD, including emphysema, vary but of course smoking is a common factor for many sufferers. Sadly COPD can be a progressive condition that sees the sufferer experience increasing symptoms with the passage of time. In some cases oxygen bottles become a daily necessity as every breath can become a struggle. There is of course no cure for this condition as lung tissue that has been destroyed cannot be repaired.

There is in some cases however an effective way of reducing symptoms.

This is because many sufferers of COPD in their fight for oxygen develop a disordered breathing pattern. The irony is for these people that the more they try and breathe the more breathless they become. Breathing more will get them more air but less oxygen. This is simply because their hyper- ventilation can increase blood alkalinity reducing the bloods capacity to release the oxygen it is carrying around the body.

A sufferer can have sufficient oxygen saturation in the blood, but that oxygen is not being efficiently released. This can lead to more and more breathing and a progression of the condition. If you suffer from COPD why not get your breathing pattern assessed to determine whether or not it may be aggravating your condition? If a disordered pattern is detected correction can often beachieved.