According to the 2015 National Health Survey almost 2 million Australians suffer from chronic Sinusitis (a blocked sinus cavity). This condition arises through the development of a chronically blocked nose and can be very debilitating.

The Blocked Sinus Problem

It is a widely held belief that sinus blockage is simply a combination of two factors:  genetic predisposition and environmental factors. I have heard it said on many occasions “I have to breathe through my mouth because my nose is constantly blocked.”

A Way Forward

While it is true that a percentage of the population do develop a blocked nose easily it has been my long term clinical experience that many of those people can quickly be trained to clear their nose and keep it clear long term.

This is achieved by people simply being trained to breathe functionally. The old saying “use it or lose it” truly applies when it comes to keeping a clear nose and a healthy sinus cavity. Even when a nose or nasal passages are structurally compromised, such as in cases of a deviated septum or narrow airways, the vast majority of people, with training can clear a chronically blocked nose and keep it clear on a consistent basis.

Common Treatments

Currently the majority of sinus sufferers treat their symptoms using medications and surgery. However altering breathing function to clear the upper airways on a consistent basis is wiser course of action often results in long term relief from symptoms and reduced reliance on medications and other interventions.

A Natural Solution

An increase in nasal breathing results in an increase in two key gases for clear healthy airways; Carbon Dioxide and Nitric Oxide. These gases play a key role in reducing inflammation, dilating airway tubes and even fighting infection. In fact, Nitric Oxide is released in the upper airways only when you nasal breathe.

Take Action!

If you cannot nasal breathe and or have consistent sinus congestion it is a serious health issue that should be addressed. Be wise and take action, nothing will change unless you change it.

Article written by Dean O’Rourke, Breathing Therapist at ATUNE Health Centres

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