Do you suffer from Asthma or respiratory allergies like hay fever? Are puffers, nasal sprays or tablets
a daily ritual for you? What is triggering this daily struggle?

It is what is floating around in the air you breathe all day and all night. Every breath you take draws
in not only the oxygen you need but also all the allergens, irritants and contaminants that are in the air. This occurs breath by breath, breath after breath.

People who suffer from chronic breathing problems often make heroic attempts to purify the air around them to reduce their exposure to what is in the air. Constant dusting and vacuuming, use of
air purifiers and removal of carpets are just some measures taken.

These efforts often bring mixed results, and little can be done once a person steps outside their home anyway. The reality is we can do little to change the air quality around us. Whatever is in the air you will breathe in. That being the case what can be done to reduce our exposure to what is in
the air and reduce our reaction to it?

There is only one way - breathing less air with every breath you take 24/7 and filtering it every time.

If a person has constant excessive air intake it will only expose the person to much more air and increase their risk of an allergic reaction and contrary to popular belief breathing more air does not
increase the oxygen supplied to your body.

If you suffer from breathing problems get your breathing assessed today, the answer for you may be as simple as learning to breathe functionally.