Rosemary Antonuccio – ATUNE Health Centres – Aquatic Physiotherapist

B.A. B. Sc (Physiotherapy), Hydrotherapy

Rosemary’s story begins in Newtown where she spent much of her childhood riding around Sydney University behind the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital with her friends.

Her love of physiotherapy was caught from her mother who was Lead Physiotherapist at Concord Hospital for a term. Rosemary completed her physiotherapy qualification at Sydney University, doing her initial training at the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital where she was introduced to Hydrotherapy.

A work injury sustained prior to studying physiotherapy left Rosemary with much residual back pain. Hydrotherapy resolved the pain and a passion for hydrotherapy was birthed. Rosemary continued her study and obtained her TAC Certificate in Hydrotherapy. Rosemary views health as more than just the physical. As a physiotherapist, Rosemary’s interests focus greatly on aged care and incontinence. As a result, Rosemary has spent much of her treatment time in residential aged care over the last 5 years. Rosemary has also worked in the NSW hospital system in both critical care and wards with an interest in respiratory care.

Rosemary and Phil have three wonderful teenage offspring. In her free time you will find Rosemary relaxing by a campsite or on a Judo mat.