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Prue Hughes

Prue Hughes – Behaviour Support Services

B. Ed (Habilitation)

Sometimes nicknamed “Newcastle’s answer to Supernanny”, Prue’s passion is helping people to manage and improve difficult behaviours. After 19 years in a variety of behavior support and clinical roles, her enthusiasm and love of her work is stronger than ever.

Graduating from university with a Bachelor of Education (Habilitation), Prue commenced her career in the disability field, working extensively with children and adults with a wide variety of support needs. Later, work with foster carers enabled her to observe the positive impact of home based support and guidance for parents / carers on the challenging behaviours of the children in their care. It was these experiences that planted the seed for the direction Prue’s career would take in the future.

After starting her own family in 2009 (and adding to it again in 2011), Prue found herself ‘accidentally’ assisting numerous families to address concerns regarding the behavior of their children and soon found herself establishing her own practice (Turning Point Behaviour Support Consulting).

Prue’s desire in her work is to support and educate people so that they can ‘do it on their own’. This is evidenced through her love of running training workshops for parents, carers and other service providers.

When she is not taming tantrums or offering sanity saving suggestions to exhausted parents, Prue is kept busy by her two much adored little boys and husband and drifts off to sleep at night dreaming of the day she will be able to attend to the numerous unfinished quilting projects that have been hiding in the cupboard since she became a mum!


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