Lynn McAtamney - ATUNE Health Centres - Physiotherapist

Dr Lynn McAtamney is a Physiotherapist and Professional Ergonomist who has over 30 years of experience in early intervention, wellbeing programs and education in a wide range of workplaces. She has lived and worked both in the UK and Australia, and she brings that experience to ATUNE. Her passion is to integrate wellbeing into client choices to enhance their quality of life.

Lynn was employed as a rehabilitation physiotherapist in her early years, working in the disability sector and sensory motor integration programs for young people. More currently, Lynn has worked with ATUNE Health Centres for more than 10 years in various roles, including in advisory services and now as a Community Physiotherapist. Lynn works with her client in their home or workplace in this role. She listens to client needs, and together they create goals, keeping these central to the therapy plan. Lynn works with her client’s existing health professionals and service providers to ensure complete support is in place.

Outside of the workplace, Lynn has served her community as a volunteer in varying ways for many years. Some examples include facilitating groups for young people living with challenges to participate in sports and games, creating protocols and working hands on in food services to those in need in collaboration with Grainery Care in Mayfield, and in local amateur, theatre working behind the scenes creating costumes.

Recreationally, Lynn likes watercolour painting, writing children’s books, enjoying her family and being part of a vibrant Christian faith community in Newcastle.