Erika Croxford - ATUNE Health Centres  - Qualified Swedish Massage Therapist

Erika has worked for many years in the health industry as a massage therapist and was one of the first ATUNE employees working alongside Simon for five years before having a break to spend time with her family.

Erika believes in the ability of the body to heal itself if given a chance through the modality of massage. She has found Swedish massage brings the greatest benefit for older individuals as it helps with relaxation, lymphatic drainage of chronic areas and gentle muscular therapy which brings relief and improved movement - thus providing the best therapeutic impact for an aging body. Erika has a great rapport with her clients and a passion to learn and grow as a clinician. She loves seeing the relief her work can bring to each client.

Throughout her working life, Erika has been an events manager, a garden-grower, a supporter and encourager of people whose lives have hit tough spots, and a nurturer, not only of her family but also friends and neighbours. She loves nothing more than using her talents and skills to enable others to thrive. She is passionate about healthy food and is halfway through her BA. She loves her two boys to bits and enjoys writing poetry.