Bianca Boulton - ATUNE Health Centres - Osteopath

B App Sci (Complementary Medicine) / M Ost RMIT

Bianca moved to Newcastle from Melbourne, as a new graduate in 2006 and practiced at Warners Bay Osteopathic clinic under the mentorship of Kim Wheeler for a decade. Having practiced alongside Kim for so long, Bianca shares the same gentle hands-on approach to treatment and her experience leads her to quickly narrow down the primary cause of dysfunction.

Bianca has travelled to India twice with Hands on Health. The first time, in 2008 she visited Siliguri In West Bengal alongside Murdoch University Students as their clinician treating communities including leper colonies. The second time she visited Udaipur Hands on Health when she was moonlighting for them locally here in Toronto.

Bianca’s special interests include Mechanical Lower Back Pain, TMJ pain and children’s osteopathy. Her Master’s Research project was Mechanical Lower Back pain and Quality of Life Scores.

She is a big believer in the body’s inherent adaptative qualities and that with the right support, where possible, function can be maintained. Patient centred; evidence based informed health care is the cornerstone of her practice.

Outside of practice Bianca is the general manager of her family’s dental suites. She is married to her husband Ed and has one beautiful daughter Berenice. She is a self-confessed workaholic but hopes to travel the world one day.