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Return to Running (Part 1 of 2)

Want to start running again? We can do it the Hard Way, or the Smart Way There’s an old saying that goes “you need to be fit to run, not run to get fit”. We have clients throughout Newcastle and Lake Macquarie who are keen to start running again, especially after a long break. There [...]

Integrated or interdisciplinary general practice?

GP, Integrated GP and Interdisciplinary GP is there a difference? Are these just fancy names for the same thing? That is a great question and one that we wish to answer for you today. ATUNE Health Centres Warners Bay / Lake Macquarie have developed what we call an interdisciplinary team of health professionals.  This team [...]

Suffering from neck pain?

Need to fix your neck pain? Sometimes you have to look a bit lower… One of the most common reasons for people seeking the care of our ATUNE Physiotherapists is neck pain: and not just neck pain but specific types of neck pain. We see and treat acute neck pain that developed the same morning, [...]

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