ATUNE Health Centres Newcastle & Lake Macquarie

ATUNE Health Centres is a home grown business established in a house in Eleebana with one professional in October 2006.

From this small beginning, we have grown consistently every year.  In 2008, we moved to a commercial site in Warners Bay, in 2012 we expanded to a second site in Belmont and in November 2013 we doubled our floor space at Warners Bay.

Currently, ATUNE employs over 30 professionals and 7 clerical staff. We are a multi-disciplinary health facility that has a therapeutic and preventative health care emphasis combining complimentary, allied health, psychological and medical services in one location.

Our integrated services include 13 different therapies including General Practice, Physiotherapy, Osteopathy, Midwife, Massage Therapy, Psychology, Behavioural therapy (Super Nanny), Counselling, Breathing Therapy, Naturopathy, Speech Pathology, Exercise Physiology  and Dietetics.   As an organisation, who we are is fundamentally determined by our mission, vision and values.


To develop one-stop health centres that empower every individual to achieve life-giving health in body, mind and spirit. Through the provision of healthcare that refreshes the body, revives the mind and restores the spirit.


We do this through integrated and individualised healthcare, health education and community services that provide excellence in holistic treatment.

  1. Individualization ( personal care)
  2. Education (health empowerment)
  3. Integration (collaborative team approach)

ATUNE is a company that exists to reform the way healthcare is administered in our community. We aim to partner with our clients to guide and encourage them on their journey towards health. We are innovative in nature, seen through our unique business model and health concepts. Examples include our integrated sleep centre (a first in Australia), integrated Maternity unit (first in the Hunter) and integrated Oncology (first in the Hunter).

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